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Work Based

The daily activity of Clubhouse is organized around a structured system known as the work-order day. Our work-ordered day is a 4 ½ hour period (11:00 am – 3:30 pm), typically Tuesdays and Thursdays. The members and staff work side by side, as colleagues, to perform the work that is important to them and the Clubhouse community. All of the work in the Clubhouse is for Clubhouse and not for any outside agency or business. There are no clinical therapies or treatment-oriented programs in Clubhouse. Members volunteer and participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.

Clubhouse is organized into UNITS

WORK UNIT- focuses on skill development projects that support the operations of the Clubhouse.

LEISURE UNIT- plans recreational activities, events, and outings.

CLERICAL UNIT- completes reception responsibilities, newsletter production, outreach call, etc.

FOOD UNIT- plans recipes, cook healthy meals, and implements food health and safety.

FINANCIAL UNIT- balances monthly finances, organizes operational budget, and fundraisers.

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